Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Biggest Sewing Project I've EVER Done! Part I

Whilst perusing Pinterest (as usual) one day I came across this tote tutorial from Sew Caroline ....

That cute little ombré chevron tote inspired me to attempt said biggest project ever. A coverlet for my king size bed. While I have loved my yellow and grey room, we have had it that way since we got married and are definitely due for a change.

Its beautiful, but like I said, we need something new! I searched and searched for some bedding that I liked and just couldn't find anything I was absolutely in love with! So when I came across that tote tutorial I knew exactly what I was going to attempt. While I loved the aqua it just wasn't really something I could see in my own bedroom, so I decided to use this dress as my color inspiration.....

Gorgeous right? Well I didn't know that finding fabric would be such a task. I spent nearly an hour just searching for the perfect fabrics! Not to mention doing the math to find out how much fabric I would need. Sewing is a lot harder than I thought. 

Above is my "sketchy" design. I never could have done it without my mom!

STEP 1: First things first, I cut out my squares, I decided each square would need to be 5x5, and that I would need 24 squares for each row. WHICH MEANS! 24 colored, and 24 white per chevron row. FYI I had four colored rows. 

(Toulouse after dragging off my fabric squares "helping")

STEP 2: On the back of all the white squares, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner to mark where you will be cutting after you sew. Sew right sides together of one colored and one white square making sure the pencil line is on the outside. 

STEP 3: You will now sew a 1/4" seam on both sides of the pencil line. Make sure to use the same seam allowance throughout the project!

STEP 4: Cut along pencil line (this will now double your quantity of squares)

STEP 5: Iron flat. Easy enough right?

STEP 6: Arrange your squares together, sew into a long straight line. (24 squares should equal a king size quilt like mine) then sew your rows together.

It should look something like this. Everyone with me so far? This is as far as I can take you today but I was just too excited not to share! (I will compile it all into one post later for easier sewing)
What do you think of my new project? I'm nervous and hopeful!
Sarah G