Monday, April 15, 2013

Like New Again

A few weeks ago I helped my mom refinish her bedside tables. Let me give you a little back story. At 17 years old my mom decided she wanted a nice bedroom set. So she found the one she wanted and bought it on a payment plan. I don't remember exactly what brand they are but they were pretty darn expensive! She has had the same ones ever since, which makes them about 35 years old. Needless to say they are a little worn. So she decided to put a mosaic on top and cover it with glass to give it a face lift.

Well neither of us had ever really done anything like that before so we were taking on a lot! Lucky for my mom, I watch a lot of HGTV and had a basic idea of what I was doing.

First we had to sand the surface and prep with a tile grout. The glue drys fairly quick so you will want to go a section at a time and lay the tiles as you go.
As you can see we used a different tile to frame the edges. It looked lovely but we had to cut the glass down to size to fit in the odd spaces at the ends. And thank goodness I have a glass man for a husband to help me figure out how to do it without ruining the tiles!

Isn't the wood beautiful? The different tones in the tile mesh beautifully with the wood the side table is made out of. 

Above: My mom and sister helping out while I do the dirty work of glue and tile!

Now you'll want to prep for the grout! Which we haven't actually gotten to yet. But when I do I'll show you for sure!

Pre grout looks pretty good though, if I do say so myself! I'm so happy that I could help my mom with this big project, and that she is going to have an updated bedroom!
I'm so excited to see the finished project. Which will hopefully be this weekend so cross your fingers!
Sarah G