Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chicken Chicken Chicken

As I have said earlier, bottling chicken can be a timesaver, and an easy way to stick to your diet. All you  need is some raw thawed chicken breasts, sea salt, mason jars, and a pressure cooker. Simple as that. I would try to explain but THIS POST does a better job than I could.

If you don't have a pressure cooker but still want to save time, then this post is still for you! Who wants to cook every single meal. Which you have to if you are hoshimotos or on any other strict diet. So here is my advice to you. Watch the sales! When chicken breasts go on sale, strike while the iron is hot and buy a LOT!

I found some on sale for $1.99 a pound and bought 20 lbs. I don't know about you but I always just chuck the whole thing in the freezer. Which makes it difficult when I want to cook because how do you defrost an entire thing? You don't. You decide its too much work and do something else.

So as soon as you get home trim the fat, cut breasts in half, and put into quart sized freezer baggies. This way, in your time of need, throw in the microwave and defrost for five minutes and BAM! You're ready to cook.  Easy. Fresh. And not as time consuming.

To make it even easier, feel free to cut them up before you freeze. Easy as pie. 
Good luck and I hope this helps. What are your tips for easy cooking?
Sarah G

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Top 10 Hints for a Successful Hashimotos/Anti Inflammatory Diet

An important part of any thyroid patient or hashimotos sufferer, is a healthy diet. An anti inflammatory diet to be specific. What is that exactly?

It is a diet designed to reduce the inflamation in your body. Simple as that. Certain foods cause an inflammatory response in our bodies which can lead to a number of diseases, chronic pain, fatigue, or  weight gain. When your body is inflamed it has a hard time taking care of itself and functioning properly. So here is a basic list of foods you cannot eat while on the anti inflammatory diet....

  • any food that you know you are allergic to
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • gluten- including wheat, oats, rye, and barley
  • tomatoes
  • dehydrated fruit
  • rice, corn, potatoes
  • alcohol
  • coffee, black tea and soda (caffeine and caffeine free)
  • fruit juices
  • iodized salt (table salt)
  • sugar and natural or artificial sweeteners including agave
  • soy
  • peanuts
  • beef, pork, shellfish, cold cuts, bacon, hot dogs, canned meat, sausage
Thats a long list right? And extremely daunting when you first start out. But don't worry, if you are starting a diet like this don't give up! It gets easier. And with the help of my blog, and others going through the same thing, you should have some good tips and support!

Here is a list of things that I found to be helpful in sticking to the diet, or any diet really:
  1. Drink as much water as you can. It will help stave off hunger
  2. Eat as much as you want of what you CAN have. Still hungry after a full plate of veggies and chicken? Eat more! 
  3. Always, always, ALWAYS, have snacks on hand and ready to eat. I keep almonds, carrots, and 2-3 clementines in my purse at almost all times. Its easier to slip and eat something you shouldn't when you are starving and have no options. So give yourself some options.
  4. Buy 2 bottles of Redmans Sea Salt. One to keep at home, and one to take in your purse. Because if you end up having to eat out or at someones home and have to order a plain chicken breast and plain veggies, your sea salt will be your lifesaver.
5.   SPRY!! Oh. My. Goodness I love spry. Its a gum approved by my Dr because it is sweetened with tiny amounts of xylitol. They come in a bunch of flavors and are available at your health food stores. The flavor doesn't last as long as regular gum but trust me, when you want something sweeter than fruit, this is your best option. 
6.  When you find something you like, make LOTS of it, BUY lots of it and eat lots of it. With a variety of other things as well obviously. Don't just eat the same meal 24/7. But its nice to have something you like on hand in the fridge or pantry. 

7. Have your chicken precooked and ready to go. Its a pain to cook for every single meal. So make it easy on yourself by bottling chicken, or cooking a bunch and freezing or refrigerating for easy use. 

8. Don't get on the scale. Seeing a number can play tricks on your mind. Not to mention can be discouraging. Rely on how you feel. Are those headaches gone? Your jeans fitting a little bit more loose again? Getting sleep? These things are much more important than the number.

9. Have a support system. Have someone you can call if you have a melt down to give you a little encouragement. Its tough. No denying it. But having someone who has your back can help immensely.

10.  Last but not least, don't be too hard on yourself.  While it is extremely important to be strict when you are doing a diet for medical purposes, everyone makes mistakes. If you slip and eat a cookie, don't beat yourself up over it, that won't do any good but discourage you and make you want to eat another one! Just recommit to do better. Don't dwell on how hard it is. Dwell on  how much better you feel!

And so, there you have it. My top ten hints to a successful anti-inflammatory diet. I'm sure there will be much more to come, but for now this should help! 
Sarah G