Saturday, June 8, 2013

It Feels Like a Perfect Night

Saturday June 1st was a spectacular day. My little sister Jennica turned 20 and I was lucky enough to be able to go up and spend the weekend with my family. June 1st also happened to be the date of the Taylor Swift Concert in SLC. So we did what any young TSwizzle fan would. We dressed up like hipsters (with cowboy boots...) and went to show TS some love! 

My sweet dad who bought us the tickets and took us to the show! We have always loved a good Daddy Daughter date. Can I just say having a sister is the best! 

My dad has always been a master at getting good seats. We were on row five in the lower bowl! 

And you better believe I snatched up some confetti for my Smash Book. I also may or may not have filled my purse with it as a reminder of how awesome it was...After the concert we went home and our mom has this fantastic dessert table set up outside! Complete with candles, sparklers, neon lights, a disco ball, and of course, my sisters favorite Red Velvet Cake. I have the best family ever . 

*sigh* It was a perfect night! Love you Jen Jen
Sarah G