Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Stitch Factory

As most of you know I am a contributor for  I am seriously so lucky to be counted among such fashionable successful bloggers! I think I officially made the step to big girl blogger when I got invited to go down to Las Vegas with the editor and a few other contributors to represent Fashion Utah at an event.

The event was for a company called The Stitch Factory and the entire thing was sponsored by Zappos. As in (shameless plug, I met the CEO! Sort of, he photo bombed us a bit and we had dinner at his apartment). So here's the gist of the what and why we went down to the event...

 Zappos has decided to invest 350 million dollars into historic downtown las vegas (I didn't wanna screw up the number of zeros, thus, I spelled it out. Remember guys I'm a hairdresser). Their goal is to make the community a friendlier place for families and people of all kinds to live, while supporting local vendors, shops, restaurants and ultimately sustain and support the licsl economy. They have got BIG plans and now there will be a reason to go to Vegas other than the strip. Which is amazing. We did so many fun things and had such a great time that its gonna take more than a few blog posts to cover it. So stay tuned for the adventures of the fashion utah girls in DTLV!! (Downtown Las Vegas, cause its that cool now) here are some insta pics for a preview of what's to come! 

The inspiration post it wall in Tony's (the CEO of zappos) apartment 

The coolest lamp I've ever seen in one of the luxury apartments at The Ogden 

This fantastic place for breakfast, brunch, and lunch called Eat. Sooo yummy. 

This awesomely eclectic boutique called The Coterie that we got basically a private shopping session at. 

Some comfy functional decor in The Coterie 

AND this. Weird piece or artwork that I loved. 

Can't wait to tell you all about it! 
Hope u all had a great weekend as well! 
Sarah g

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Big Fat Old Recipe Book

This recipe book has survived a lot. As you can see, pages are torn, stuff has been spilled on it, the covers are missing. At one point, the cover had the burnt imprint of the stove rings on it! I'm actually quite sad we lost that part...

 At the Stevens' house we all had a good time putting my mom through the ringer about being a bad cook. Yes there were occasions when the kitchen was filled with smoke, fire was reaching for the ceiling from the stove, and piles of burnt ash were found on cookie sheets. But the truth is, despite a few misteps along the way, my mom is a fantastic cook. 

This is the recipe book that has withstood it all. Handwritten recipes from my grandma, my mother, friends, neighbors, all sorts of goodness. The best of the best is compiled in this pile of ruined, barely bound, paper. And all of us kids are fighting over it!

So, I did what any OCD blogger would do and decided to take it upon myself to type up ALL the recipes and put it into a book. And you better believe I underestimated how much time it would take. Its been about 6 months and I have finally finished compiling and typing all of the recipes. Whew! 

It took me a while to pick the fonts that I liked but I think I did pretty good. I wanted it to be legible, cute, but classic all at the same time.

Behold the ginormous stack of recipes....

I think the hard part is over. Now, just proof reading, binding, and then I'm done! This has been a major project but I know its going to be a great gift and treasure for all of us. Now to just decide the cover art....
How do YOU keep all your fav recipes organized?
Sarah G