Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day One

After getting settled into our amazing apartment ( pics to come later) We got ready to go out for a tour of Downtown Las Vegas and an introduction to the why we we were there.
photo c/o gentri lee

First on the agenda was a tour of the CEOs apartment. It was the weirdest apartment I have ever seen. First we came in through the kitchen, where there was an enormous llama statue on the counter. Not too strange, but definitely odd. Then we went through a green house room. The walls, the ceiling, everything was COVERED with live plants. Well, except for the ceiling. Those plants were fake because they couldn't figure out how to keep them watered. This room was called the jungle room. 

The next room had neon walls, a row of razor scooters lined up against the wall, and was completely out with black lights. 

The final room was a big open space full of these cool wheely plastic desks. Basically perfect for bumper cars. 

They explained to us that zappos came in and decided to put $350 million dollars into the community to restore it, bring the people together, and create a better environment for the people that live there and for those who would come visit. There are a lot of big changes coming so next time you're in Vegas check it out! 

If I had the money to do something like that, I would have the coolest apartment ever. A room full of giant pillows and soft lighting for naps, lines with bookshelves so u could read too. A massive game room would definitely be a must! And idk something a lot cooler than a green room ;) 

But all in all it was a good way to start the trip. 
What would you have in your mansion? 
Sarah g 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Maternity Monday

Now that I am pregnant I wanted to reassure you all that my blog is not going to become a pregnancy obsessed mommy central. Because that's not what I want it to be about. Everyone has their thing, and that works wonderfully for some people. But I want to stick with what I know and love. Just life, fashion, and whatever randomness I feel like posting about. That being said, I do want to keep you guys updated and share about my experiences throughout my pregnancy. So I have decided to post about it once a week on Mondays. So now you all can tune in on Mondays, or avoid my blog on Mondays if you'd like.

So to start off, I'm posting the video of our gender reveal. Remember that confetti I made? Well, we went to the Dr. and had them write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. Then we took that envelope to the grocery store with the confetti and had them fill balloons with the corresponding color. So the only people that know what is inside that balloon before we pop it, are our ultrasound tech Bobbi, and the sweet lady at the counter that helped us with the balloons.

We wanted to capture the moment forever on film and be able to share our joy and experience with family, friends, and our future child! Our good friend and videographer Dustin Merril from Merril Images did our video. It is exactly what I wanted and more. Our other friend Randi with R. Gardner Photographs did the photography and the photos turned out beautiful as well!


What do you think? I think its safe to say that I have watched it a hundred times already. I am so happy to have this treasure!

Sarah g