Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pretty Peaches

My good friend Brenna is super woman when it comes to the kitchen. She bakes goodies and cooks the most fantastic meals. She can basically do anything. Unlike me, who has to take the batteries out of my smoke alarm it goes off so often.  But when she asked me if I wanted to can peaches I said, "sure! Buy me a box!"

So I got this giant box of peaches for just $20 bucks and we got to work. Te first thing you do is blanch the peaches in boiling water for about two minutes so the skin will easily come off. 
If you boil them too long they will cook the peaches. Which you don't want! 

Next, take them out if the boiling water and place in a bowl/sink full of cold water. Cut the peaches in half, peel off the skin with your fingers and then put and slice. 

Then you will want to place your peaches in a bowl with a mixture of sea salt, vinegar, and water. This keeps them from turning brown and keeping their texture. 
Make sure you keep all the skins and puts in a separate bowl. You can use them to make jelly/jam later. 

Then you will fill the jars with peaches. Make sure hat your jars are sterilized! You can boil them in hot water for a fee minutes and that will do the trick. 

Once your jars are full, full them with a mixture of your hot water and sugar. I'm not sure how much sugar to use, it depends on how sweet you want your "syrup" to be. I used Splenda in mine since I can't have regular sugar. Full your jars just past the top of the curved section of your jarleavin about 1/4-1/2 inch of space at the top. 

Using new jar lids, close your jars. You want to make sure the rubber on the metal lid is soft so I recommend letting them sit in hot water for a few minutes. 

Make sure the mouths of your jars are clean and dry before you put the lids on! You may have to wipe them down. Them place in a large stock pot of boiling water and cover. Once the pit is steaming, time for 20 minutes and remove. Allow to sit 24 hours before moving to allow proper sealing time and wah lah! Peaches. 
They turned out so pretty and so delicious! Now, I'm a first time canner so this post probably doesn't have all the details you'll want. Instead, use it as a nice overview along with an actual tutorial. 
I'm very surprised with how much I enjoyed doing this! And learned a lot! I also made jam but that was a bit more complicated. So if you're interested in making jam/jelly, do yourself a favor and find a recipe on Pinterest. Cause I'm sure I couldn't tell you how!

Have a peachy day!;)
Sarah g